Saturday adventures

Part of my catching up on blogging needs to be talking about Saturday. Saturday is our supply run day. It used to be Sunday, but, over the course of a year, Sunday’s have gone from, kind of slow, to pretty steady, to omg, we need three people working and are completely wiped out by the end of the day!
So, Saturday morning, we worked the rush, then decided to head with our friend Rusty for our supply run. I begged Dan to hit Mass Ave Knits, since I wanted to make a few new mohawk hats in Naptown colors. Dan was totally not down with that, but he and Rusty did want to go Fry’s, which I did NOT want to do, so we compromised. Yarn, supplies, then Fry’s electronics. Dan and Rusty pacified me slightly by promising that I could browse the books at Fry’s. Books? At Fry’s? Hmmm, maybe it was like Media Play. Books, cd’s, movies, software… I could get a copy of the Graveyard Book finally! Ok, I was now officially down with this plan!
We hit Mass Ave first, and something seemed a little… off there. There seemed to be stuff everywhere, a desk was overturned, and Susan, the owner, seemed way more stressed than usual. I didn’t think too much of it since it was a busy Saturday, and it’s a yarn shop, it’s going to be cluttered and there is going to be stuff everywhere!
However, when we were checking out, and she was having way more trouble than usual tracking down a skein of yarn for me, she mentioned that she had been broken into the night before! They stole money, and her computer with all of her pattern designs on it! And of course, they trashed the place on their way through! Dan’s going to go talk to her this week, and show her how to install security cameras like we have here. Those things have saved us time and time again. (and saved our employees once or twice too!)
While I was checking out, Dan and Rusty found a knit hedgehog. They were in heaven.

Despite my aversion to fun fur, I really might have to make this guy. He’s so cute!

Dan wanted photographic evidence of what a “little” yarn jaunt was. That way when I’m home alone, reorganizing my stash, only to have it collapse on top of me and kill me, there is evidence that no foul play was involved. And that I’m a yarn junkie.

Heh. That’s not too bad right? Enough yarn for one off the shoulder sweater, one Naptown Mohawk hat, one Bears Mohawk hat for a friend, and you know. Pretty lilac yarn. Because.. it’s soft. And pretty. And I might find a pattern that uses it one day…. shut up.

After that letdown news, we made our supply run, then the boys started salivating. Not because they were hungry, but because we were on our way to Fry’s Electronics. It’s like Toy’s R Us for computer nerds, only with discounts. We walked in, they went looking for a back up hard drive for the Mac, and I skipped over to the big section labeled BOOKS. I walked the outside of the shelves first, found the section I was looking for, walked into the aisle and.. huh? Empty shelves, with one copy of Twilight, and a set of the Eragorn books. I backed slowly away, turned into the next aisle marked, “Self-Help” to find more empty shelves, some toys, and some software.
Ooookkaayy… kids aisle. More toys, then Wii accessories. Cookbooks? 2 cookbooks, more empty shelves, language software.
I checked on the boys, they were in the exact same spot I left them. I wandered over to movies, and found a copy of the first, and only, (sob!) season of Moonlight. Snatched it up, did a happy dance, and wandered the movie aisles for about 15 minutes.
Wandered back over to where I had last seen the boys and… they were in the exact same spot I left them. Speaking nerd.
Walked waaay over to office supplies, got my geek on by oogling pretty organizers, checked out some cameras, watched a couple minutes of Wall-E on one of the tv’s, popped back into the book section to see if anything had materialized, (it hadn’t) headed back over to where the boys were and… they were gone! Yay! Did that mean we were done??
Turned around and… nope. They were just in a similar aisle, comparing one hard drive for a smaller hard drive. Harumph.
Stared lovingly at my copy of Moonlight, then wandered back over to Dvd’s where I found the Japanese horror section. Goody! Played in there for a little while, wrote some notes on my phone about titles I want to check out, and FINALLY, the boys were done! yay!
Um no. This is Fry’s. Apparently “done” means now it’s time to check out the deals in the center aisle. Muttering darkly under my breath that this meant a HELL of a lot more wandering next time I went to the yarn shop, I followed. Finally we got out of there, and decided we needed FOOD. Like NOW. It was almost 4, and we hadn’t eaten yet.
Trecked back south, met up with the poppa at the coffee shop, and went home to let the dogs out before we went out for food. Everyone wanted Beer, which on our side of town, gives you about 4 pretty good options.
Shallos is a good place, with it’s own beer menu. More beer than any 1 human could possibly enjoy. However, for the vegetarian in the bunch, the food is really lacking, and I was hungry. Shallos has 1 cheese and veggie platter, which can look really promising to the hungry veg. Until you get it, and realize that cheese and veggie means warm broccoli, and a tiny cup of shredded cheese, with ranch. Fine place when you want to get your drink on, and nom some dead cow, but not a good vegetarian choice.
Next option was Oaken Barrel
Great local beer. Great place to chill and hang out, and Dan and Rusty’s favorite place on Thursday nights, when the growlers are $5. But once again.. a severe lack of the veggie friendly options.
Fireside was next on our list. It’s a cool place. They call themselves a brewhouse, but they don’t actually brew any beer on site. They do however, have a really great selection of beer. The food is good, and they have one veg friendly dish that I like, which is a lovely salad. Salad sounds really boring, but this one has goat cheese. I am a sucker for goat cheese. Plus I hardly ever get to have it! So this one was a definite option.
Our final option on our side of town is BJ’s at the mall. They do have a really good vegetarian selection, which, when you’re going to a place that is heavy on the beer, is really, really, hard to find. However they are a chain. Dan and I tend to try and go local when we go out to eat. Plus, being at the mall, and nearing 5pm all the time, we were afraid it might be too crowded.
It was between Fireside and BJ’s, and in the end, BJ’s won out. Three reasons:
I was starving, and they have a better vegetarian selection than Fireside.
Dan really, really wanted some of their beer.
Rusty Really, really wanted this obscene chili burger THING, that I am amazed his small ass can even consume.
Luckily when we got there it was pretty empty, though it filled up by the time we left.
Poppa and I opted for beer samplers.

How does someone so skinny EAT THIS???

Seriously! He clears the entire plate!

Since we were there… Barnes and Noble was next door…

I got my copy! Newbury medal on the cover and all!

Dan did not get this. But he looked like he was thinking about it.

Finally we got home, and chilled with the dogs, and some episodes of Moonlight. Well, we chilled.. Sassy was… Sassy.