Scrimmage with Bleeding Heartland

Sunday was a great day for Naptown. Several months back, the Bloomington, IN team, the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls started the process of becoming a WFTDA league. The application process involves getting letters of recommendation from at least three WFTDA leagues, and one of those three has to be the league closest to you. Since we are the closest league to Bloomington, they asked us for a letter.
Now, since we’ve never played them in a bout, we thought the best thing to do would be a fun scrimmage day. We can’t write a letter for a team we’ve never hung out with, bouted, or practiced with right? So after a couple months of hammering down a date, getting that date canceled, then hammering down another date, only to have the time on that date changed by the refs, we finally got it figured out!
Let me tell you, pulling into the parking lot of our warehouse on a Sunday and struggling to find a spot, then walking into the warehouse and seeing a line to the bathroom, and 60 girls lacing on their skates felt great! (well, not the line to the bathroom part, that was crazy)
Our original plan for the scrimmage was thwarted by the fact that Bleeding Heartland brought less girls than we had planned. But roller girls adapt! So we played one period with our vets doing a jam against whoever Bloomington put out, then our Belles doing a jam, etc. In the second period we gave Bloomington our Belles, to mix into their team to even things up a bit. It just wasn’t fair for us to have two teams worth of skaters against their one team. (though I tried to sneak Helluva,Katya and Blue back onto our team… it didn’t work out for me 😉 And it was hard to hit someone I knew as a NRG girl, especially since they were wearing black NRG shirts!
The second period was great for me personally, because by putting Sirens out on the track, and having enough sirens to bench in one jam, made me able to see how some of our skaters play. We’re playing cleaner than we were in our practices over the summer, though at least one or two of our girls are handsy. Or they pull what I call the Spider Monkey, where they come up on the back of an opposing player and put their hands on her. For those of you that don’t play derby, you can touch your own teammates as much as you want! Take a whip, shove them out of your way, pinch their butts, whatever. But you can NOT put your hands on an opposing player! Just your hips, shoulders, etc. Legal blocks only. So it was nice to see what a couple of our girls need to work on.
I only saw one Bloomington skater who had that problem. I can not for the life of me remember her name either! She was SUPER fast, and was good at confusing the pack. But during one jam, she pushed me out of her way, sending Sin and I toppling, and other time, pulled me back by my shirt. Obviously just a rookie mistake, and something that will get fixed quickly, otherwise she’ll spend a good portion of a game in penalty, and that always sucks!
I wish, I wish I had written down names, and I can’t find team photos of Bloomington with player names on their site to jar my memory. I do remember one skater whose number was 96 beers being just fantastic. A really good blocker whose style reminds me a little bit of Touretta’s. Another skater from their team had short dark curly hair, was a powerhouse hitter. During one jam we traded some pretty good hits back and forth. I’d knock her out of bounds, she would catch up to the pack and knock me out of bounds! It was fantastic!
This was the second scrimmage we’ve done, last time was Evansville. It was fun, but not as much fun since they hadn’t bouted yet at that time, and we were on our second season. So it was a little bit lopsided! This time was a little bit more even, especially once we gave them some of our girls. I highly recommend a scrimmage day to those teams who have not done it yet. I’ll have to find out if someone was keeping score or not, so we can know who “won”.
That’s it for now!