Semi-annual Christmas party

I say semi-annual since we skipped it last year. As Dan put it, we attempted hating Christmas, and it sucked. So this year we decided to celebrate!

The two weeks leading up to the party were pure madness at the shop. It’s been crazy busy with the holidays. We had a catering job every other day, and then huge pick up orders the days we weren’t catering. We’re talking 5 gallons of coffee, 2 gallons of hot chocolate, etc. We had a full cafe almost every day leading up to the party, all day long. Then of course we had to come home from work, and clean, clean clean! (or in my case some nights, haul my butt to practice)! It’s not always an easy thing to do when you’ve been on your feet almost all day! If we were lucky we would sit down for 10 or 15 minutes at a time! Craziness! Of course, it was all worth it when Saturday rolled around!
I made cupcakes. I don’t consider it a Christmas party unless I make crazy color cupcakes. Neon food coloring is my friend.

Here they are after baking.

And after icing. I’m having a love affair with the color purple lately. I’m knitting tons of purple stuff, which is weird, since I almost never wear purple! Weird huh? Apparently my purple obsession transfered to my cupcakes too.

Dan’s mom was the first to arrive, and she brought Dan his very own Twilight shirt! Can’t you just see the joy on his face???

More and more people showed up. After a few rounds of chocolate martinis (oh bliss…) and fuzzy navels, gin and tonics, etc, the Irish Car Bombs started in.
It was madness. And of course, we did our gift exchange. Dan and I gave away a Srgt. Stroker (don’t google that at work) and an egg fryer that turned your eggs into, well, let’s just say you need at least 2 yolk, *ahem* balls, for the bottom. Russellmeyer got a weird creepy snowman that vibrates and dances. It was kind of scary.

At one point in the evening, I heard yelling from the kitchen. Wait. I mean, MORE yelling than normal from the kitchen. I walk in to see Cleaver and Dex having a cake fight.

Now this is the perfect example of my derby friends. They will flash their boobs, make you smell their stinky elbow pads, have a cake fight for effs sake (and we won’t even discuss what happens when 10 roller girls pile into one bed with a slice of chocolate cake and 32 oz of midori sour), but they clean up after themselves! See, Cleaver grabbed some paper towels after the cake fight and started cleaning it up! Um. While getting humped by Ben. So that is the perfect example of derby friends. They will have a cake fight in your house, but clean it up… while getting humped.
Yea, that pretty much sums up derby people.

Roller Dex after the cake fight.

Brownie missed the action. He was down and out after 4 Irish Car Bombs.

Shadi Layne on the other hand… not only did SEVEN Irish Car Bombs (as well as beer, mixed drinks, and hot damn) she decided the perfect way to spend her evening was as a human chip holder. In case you can’t guess, she’s the one with the bowl on her head.

All in all, it was a fantastic time with our friends. Not everyone could show up, but we still had a decent turnout of people. We listened to music, everyone did car bombs (except for yours truly) the dogs got loved, petted, given beer, cake, and chips. (after it all fell on the floor of course). And there was only one minor puking incident. Nothing the steam cleaner couldn’t handle at three am.
Oh, and speaking of three am, some of you might remember that Dan and I got a piano a couple years ago, when the IU school of music was throwing them out. Dan and I don’t play piano. We just couldn’t see it go in the garbage! But let me stress.. we can’t play, at all! Not one note.
So before Cleo and Ben left, Cleo tried to play a drunken version of Silent Night. But she couldn’t remember how to play it and was getting frustrated. Dan, in an INCREDIBLY drunken state, lurched over to the piano, leaned over her, and tapped out an almost perfect version of Silent Night! We all screeched and told him to do it again, but he couldn’t remember what he did!
We were a bit sloth like the next day. After a hard couple of weeks, and a crazy party, we did what we only get to do on very rare occasions.. we slept in. I didn’t have practice until 5pm, so it was extremely nice to just lay around and get to spend the day with the husband and the critters.
We had no idea it was going to be almost as crazy this week! Usually the week of Christmas is pretty slow, but yesterday we did a solid 3 days worth of business in one day! I was dead on my feet by the time I got home last night. We sold almost every gift basket, bag of coffee, and gift card in the place! Dan was hanging out with his mom last night, so lucky him got to miss the evening rush 😉 I’m making him pay for it today by giving me some blog time though 😉

I’m also trying to finish these awesome gloves this week!

A customer of ours, Peggy, inherited a ton of antique buttons. She wanted them worked into some knitwear, so she commissioned a scarf and some arm warmers from me. So far I think they’re working out extremely well. I’m just in love with the Malabringo yarn I’m using. It’s a Kettle dye I picked up from Mass Ave. Knit Shop. So incredibly soft!
I also sold another 2 button hats yesterday! Yippie!
It’s been freezing, and I really want to knit some stuff for my selfish self, but I have 3 special orders I’m working on that need to be done by New Years, so I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon! What was that about the shoemakers kids again?

Alright, Danny has worked hard enough to make up for yesterday, and it’s getting busy again… back to work for me!