Is this the way my day is going today?

After a horrific night last night, in which I came home in a grumpy mood, helped tend to Sassy Burrito, who is recovering from her spaying, went to bed and TRIED to sleep, I woke up with the worst knee pain ever. I suspect it’s because the above mentioned Sassy Burrito managed to make her 5.2lb ass take up half the bed. And if you tried to move her at all, she started crying. Hearing something that tiny cry when YOU are the one who took her to the vet for the surgery makes it pretty hard to not just give her whatever she wants. (It’s all made worse by the fact that they said she is too small for any pain killers)
Anyway, this morning.
I limp into work, then run to get milk at the store. As I’m getting ready to leave, this guy is checking me out. Hell yes I think! Hair in sloppy pigtails, oversized hoodie on, baggy jeans, no make up, and I am getting CHECKED OUT ANYWAY! Whoohooo! I casually move to flip my hood up as I head outside into the rain and….
Get my keys stuck in my hair. I had to try and casually play off the fact that my key ring was completely tangled into the top of my head.


Can I go back to bed yet???