Signs that you are a bad thief:

1. You know there are security cameras, and you still attempt to steal.
2. You steal something that will be easily missed.
3. See number 1.

Drama, drama, drama Saturday night at the shop! We worked a split shift that day, due to all the fun events going on in both the morning and the evening. When we came in for our evening shift, our employee counted out her tips, and thought she had a five missing. She said she was almost positive she had some ones and at least two fives, but now she only had one five.
So Dan fired up the computer, pulled up one of the security cameras and watched. He and I had our suspicions of who it might be, when she started going through who had been in after she got the second five. See, there is this guy, we’ll call K. He works in the strip, and he always acts… fishy. He’ll poke his head around the corner, look in the big window, and if Dan and I are both working, he won’t come in. If it’s just me, me and the girls, or just the girls, he’ll come in. He always seemed kind of twitchy and strange, but the girls always assured us of how nice he was to them.
Sure enough, when our employee was busy in the back, we saw K, very professionally, nip his hand in and pull out a five dollar bill from her tip jar!
Dan gave her $5 from the drawer, and sent her home. She was pissed, because a) this guy acted like her friend and b) this girl is so nice. If he had told her he needed the money, down on his luck, whatever, she probably would have just given it to him!
Anyway, Dan took the computer to the shop in the strip where K. works, and asked to talk to him. He was told he had left moments ago, so Dan said,
“Call him, tell him to turn around, come back, bring back the money he stole and I won’t call the cops”.
They freaked out, called him, and he of course denied it. Dan pulled up the vid, and showed it to the manager on duty, who told him, “K, I’m watching you on video take this money”!
The manager is a single mother, and she started getting pissed, because she has been suspecting K. of stealing money out of her purse for some time. Dan told him that he had one hour to bring the money back, or we would call the cops.
One hour passes, Dan has them call him again, and he swears that he is only 15 minutes away. Another half hour, and Dan just calls the non-emergency number for our county.
God bless those cops, for not rolling their eyes and stomping out when we told them the amount that was taken! After talking to the manager next door, the cop said he would talk to him when he got there.
ANOTHER hour passes, and the cop, during this time, looked up K’s arrest history. He called us from his unmarked car, and said after looking at that, he was just going to arrest him.
Now, our bet was that K, not wanting to face Dan, would wait until after we closed to come back in. Not knowing we had a group meeting, and were staying open late anyway. Sure enough, about 30 minutes after we are normally gone for the night, K started to pull in, saw the cop, and took off! Cop peeled out, two other cops gave chase, and caught him quickly, then took him to jail.

Okay. I really, really did not want to have someone arrested for five freaking bucks! But at the same time, I’m going to guess that if we scroll through these security videos tonight, we’re going to see that he had been doing that to us for a long time! Plus, it’s his own damn fault for stealing from us, then trying to run, AND for having the crazy long rap sheet that the cop said he had. Then throw in the fact that we gave him plenty of time to make it right. All he had to do was come back, talk to Dan, and give back them money. He would have been told that he couldn’t come in any more, and that would have been that.
So I’m trying not to feel bad, or silly, for having someone arrested for $5.