So all that knitting I was gonna post? STOLEN!

That’s right. Some asshole broke into my car tonight during practice and stole my knitting bag!

They got:
All of my tip money. All of it. I live off of that money so that really freaking sucks. I had just been stuffing it into my bag and totally forgot about it.
A brand new coffee Cambro that we need for a catering gig on Saturday. Brand new. As in, I bought it on my way to practice. Special order. Google them. They are not cheap.
My digital camera. That one hurts. That hurts really bad. I loved that camera so much.
My knitting bag. It was a big nice VS bag that I got a couple years ago. I liked it because it zipped.
Charmed Knits
Knitting Circles around Socks
3 pencil cases with all of my double pointed needles and notions in them. Including ones that my gram gave me. That hurts in my gut.
2 cases filled with crochet hooks. One my mom gave me with every size crochet hook on the planet. That also hits right in the gut.
A couple sets of circular needles from.. you guessed it. Grandma. I was sobbing when I realized all that stuff was in there.
An almost complete Sheldon.
Socks that I was doing 2 at a time.
Self patterning sock yarn.
Jawoll sock yarn in Harry Potter colors.
Several sets of knitting needles.
An almost finished dolphin I was making for a girl on our team named Fin Addict.
2 baby blankets I was working on for our friend Bill, who just had a preemie born baby that is in the hospital.
A couple of hats for said baby.
A bag of my make up. Girls are aware how this is a blow. It was Medusas make up and some MAC. That shit ain’t cheap.
This whole thing makes me so sick. I can not afford to replace this stuff, and you just know that they’re going to throw all of that knitting stuff away. It means so much to me, and nothing to them.

And yes, I know I shouldn’t have left it in there. I forgot that the money and camera where in there. My thought was, who the hell would mess with my knitting. And the doors were locked, the windows up, and it was daylight.

God. This. Just. Sucks.