So this one time….

Want a cool story bro?

Once, about 10 years ago we were driving around and Dill saw a Star Wars travel cup sitting in someone’s trash. Being Dill, and it being trash, he immediately pulled over and snatched the thing. We pulled off and he looked at it and realized it was Jar Jar Binks.
“Jar Jar!!! LAME!” And he tossed the cup to the back section of the Jeep.
About a year later we were cleaning out the Jeep (Hey, don’t judge. We’re busy people.) and Dill finds the Jar Jar cup. We hop in the Jeep and drive back to the house we found it at, set the cup on their porch, and drove off again.

I can’t help but wonder what these people thought. Did they remember this cup and freak out about the fact that it had come back to them? Or did they just think it was a completely random occurrence?

I have more stories of Dill and trash. One involves a bowling ball named Angie. Another time.