Sometimes, customers are cute!

I tend to tell my friends about my crazy and/or sucky customers. We don’t get a lot of suck here, but we do get some crazy. It’s a coffee shop. I don’t believe it’s even possible to have a coffee shop without some crazy people.
Sometimes, we have awesome customers. They fix our cars when they break down, they hook us up with home made goodies, or gift cards for Christmas, etc.
And sometimes, we have freaking CUTE customers!

Let me set the scene. Two regulars come in, with their two children. A little boy and a little girl. The little girl is a doll. She comes in randomly wearing tutus or princess crowns. Very, very well mannered. The little boy we don’t see as much, but he’s reasonably well mannered when he comes in as well. Except.. for this visit.
This time he is screaming, pitching a fit about how he didn’t want to share a muffin, he wanted chocolate cake. The mom scoops the little boy up and takes him outside, so the other customers won’t be disturbed by his tantrum.
Dan is delivering drinks to the table. Lattes and white caramel mochas for the parents, chocolate milk for the kiddos.
The little girl, with her little princess crown, and her little brown curls, looks at Dan, with a very serious look on her face, points to her brother outside and says:
“Zachary isn’t making very good decisions right now”.

I think that Dan might have actually physically pulled a muscle trying not to fall down laughing!