Son of a…

Headed to practice last night, put my gear on, did a few laps, and then the Sirens had a meeting about the bout while the Belles started scrimmaging. We talked new strategy, what went wrong, what went right, what we’re going to change, and of course took a few moments to admire Sin and Touretta’s black eyes. (Sin had 2, Touretta had one, but Touretta’s also featured a cut above the eye) I could hear people on the track, and it wasn’t us! Arrgh! I wanna skate dangit!
Finally, we get our butts out there. Did some brief stretching, and jumped into the scrimmage. Blocked a quick one, then went in to jam. Got through the pack once, then taken out by CK, while Katya busted through. Jumped up, scrambled, got to the front again, coming around turn four. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see a blur of red, black, and blonde coming at me.. Jen X. There was no time to dodge the hit. I tried to put on a burst of speed, but she did this amazing hit that I couldn’t escape from. She came out me in a full sprint, then put the brakes on as she slammed her shoulder into my chest. Her shoulder caught me right under my collarbone/shoulder area, in that little hollow. At the same time I was thinking, crap, I’m going down, I heard this *crunch* *pop*, spun, and landed on my left side.
Shit, shit, shit.
I started to get up and take off, and realized that my shoulder was out, and there was no way. I tapped out, slumped to the ground, and started bawling my head off. I was frustrated, and pissed.
Luckily, every other girl on the team seems to be a nurse, ortho tech, or EMT. Sin, Joanie, and Kit all started poking around my shoulder, making impromptu slings, grabbing ice packs, etc. I started begging for one of them to pop it back in, but there was fear that I broke something.
Don’t care, put it the eff back! Owowowowow.
I sat on the sidelines for a couple of seconds, and I just couldn’t stand it. It’s really hard to describe what it feels like, but imagine your shoulder being stretched as far up and forward as it can go. It’s not a sharp stabbing pain, it’s an ache, but everything just feels wrong and out of place. To the point that it makes me start getting freaked out and claustrophobic. I know from experience, that if I let it keep swelling, it won’t pop back in on it’s own for at least 2 weeks. I started begging and pleading for Sin to try and put it back in socket. I was pretty sure that nothing was broken. The first time it happened, there was a tiny fracture, and even that little bitty thing caused really sharp pain. When it’s out, there’s no sharp pains at all.
She finally said we could try, so we went in the office where no one would be able to see. My teeth were chattering, and SJ said my lips turned blue, from all the blood rushing to my shoulder.
I braced myself for a good hard yank, which is the way it’s always been put back in the past. However Sin, being much better trained than me, Dill, or the wall I’ve used to pop it back in before, started just rotating it in small circles, gradually pushing on my shoulder and making the circles larger.
*Crack*! Freaky sounding, but it started feeling a little better. We kept going and we heard a smaller crack, kept going some more and finally another small crack/pop.
It didn’t feel GOOD per se, but it felt like it was back in socket at least!
We wrapped it all up, and I managed to drive myself home, with my right hand and very, very slowly.

Today it feels a lot better, but there is some bruising and swelling. It just feels like someone was punching me in the shoulder all night while I slept.

Jen X also took out Joanie, and Karen, our bench manager. Joanie is fine, Karen is on crutches. Jen X kicks ass 😉