Spring Break="Weird Shit" Week

I haven’t gotten around to posting this madness. I’ll try to keep it brief and not ramble on about it too much.
So first of all, Dill goes out to lunch with some of his old work buddies. Turns out, a work friend of his killed himself a few days before. So strange. Another of their friends had just been hanging out with him, and the guy seemed totally fine.
Next, one of our regulars has this great kid. Really polite, respectful, and sincere. He brings in a friend on a Wed, gets him a drink, they hang out and talk. One of our workers, Carly, goes over and sits with them since they were friends in school. Apparently the friend of our customer, then went home, and took his own life. We were in total shock, especially for our customers kid sake. It was a sad couple of days around here.
Then Carly gets a call, a friend of her boyfriends killed himself. What. The. Hell.
THEN, Dill is out running errands most of the day Friday. He pops into Meijer, and is passing a woman in the aisle. She kind of blocks his cart with her cart, and just stares at him. He smiles, says excuse me, and she bursts into tears! He’s like, “um…what? Are you okay”? She then tells him that she just wants to look at him for a minute. He apparently looks exactly like her son, who died the year before. Dan didn’t know what to do. He was just apologizing, trying to see if he could help, and she told him no. She was just totally shocked to see him. Then she hurried away, still crying.

Again. What. The. Hell?

So glad that week is over. Everything is going back to normal. Everyone has been happy, we’ve been abnormally busy for this time of year, which is good!
I still have not convinced Dill that my birthday is this week. Oh well 😉
Might not post again until after the bout on Saturday! So wish me luck!