Stronger Together: Sac City Rollers & Sacred City Derby Girls

Two California Roller Derby teams took a huge step towards derby domination yesterday:

“Stronger Together: Sacramento’s Top Roller Derby Teams Unify

Sacramento, CA: Sac City Rollers and Sacred City Derby Girls are Sacramento’s preeminent roller derby teams and today they are proud to announce they will be unifying in 2018, under a to be determined name. Both teams have been operating in Sacramento for over ten years and have been leaders in northern California roller derby. Both have represented Sacramento at national and international tournaments, for international rankings, within the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

This decision was born out of the desire to create a stronger and more competitive roller derby league, to represent Sacramento on an international level. Members from both leagues are hopeful about the future that combining resources can provide.

“This unification has been a long time coming. With both leagues sharing many of the same attributes, I’m excited about our collective growth. We have an amazing opportunity to accelerate the expansion of roller derby in and around the Sacramento area and we look forward to seeing what the future holds”, said Anitra Hayden, General Manager of Sac City Rollers. Crystal Brahm, Director of Administration for Sacred City Derby Girls stated, “This unification will allow the city of Sacramento to see a higher level of roller derby, while allowing our league a chance to compete at the top of our sport. It just makes sense to combine two high level teams to create an even stronger one for our sport and our community.”.

Both leagues would like to thank their fans and supporters and hope that they will continue to support this joint effort. As a united team the league will strive to be even more involved within the community. As its first act of community engagement, SCR and Sacred are asking for ideas from the public as part of its rebranding process. To find out more visit Sac City Rollers’ and Sacred’s Facebook pages, and”

I think this is an amazingly smart move! I’ve never understood two teams in one city. It only makes sense if the city is large enough to support two leagues. (Minnesota and North Star come to mind. And technically, they are in the twin cities)But when you get to smaller cities like Evansville and yes, Indianapolis, I don’t understand splitting the already limited resources and fan base. Evansville did make the decision to merge into one league and saw a lot more success from it.
To be fair for Indianapolis where we have both Naptown and Circle City , there are a LOT of people who want to play Roller Derby. Naptown not only has their “A” team, The Tornado Sirens, they also have the Warning Belles, the Third Alarm and the new rec League, Rolling Thunder. That is a lot of teams with a lot of talent. (And in my humble opinion, the league would really benefit from home teams! Hint hint)

I should also state that I don’t know a lot about Circle City Derby. In the beginning it was created by a couple of girls who split from Naptown, but in the past 10 years they’ve obviously grown into their own thing. There has been some bouncing back and forth from skaters between the two leagues, which I think is natural when the two teams are so close together. The grass could always be greener right?

In the old days, both leagues could have sell out attendance. Now though, with leagues across the country struggling to fill stands, it doesn’t make sense to split the pool of talented skaters a city has. I think it would also be different if one league was strictly a rec league, but with both of them being WFTDA it just seems like a division of resources.

Have another perspective? Are there benefits to having two leagues close together? Hit up the comments here or on facebook! I’d love to hear other thoughts!