Doing that thing we do…

I hate that I don’t get to play as much as I want to. I went to a friends house a few weeks ago, picked up a guitar and my brain went BLARGHHHH. Which is about the sound the guitar made as well. (Though to be fair to myself, I was very, very drunk)

When Dills former drummer reached out and asked us to play a cover of “That Thing You Do” with him, we agreed. I hadn’t really paid attention to the bass line before but OH. MY. GOSH. It was pretty humbling to learn that song, especially after not playing bass for so long. But it was tons of fun, and it made me miss playing even more.

Now that Evelyn is getting older, I can sneak in a little more time. I can at least play some Taylor Swift songs on the guitar and she will sing along, though dragging out my bass isn’t as entertaining for her!

Anyway, please enjoy our little video. It was incredibly fun to do! (Get it, to do? That thing? Haha, oh I owe a dollar to the Dad Joke jar!)

And stay for the post credits. Totally worth it.