What’s old is now new.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that we recently moved from our teeny tiny ranch house in the middle of suburbia to a pre-civil war era house out in the (sort of) country. We’ve got a few acres, and a house that is more than double our old home. (not very hard to do honestly).

It’s been… challenging. Getting a bigger house in our price range meant that we were taking on a bit of a fixer upper. But of course, as these things go we didn’t realize how much fixxering uppering we would be doing. When we got possession I almost cried. The place was so, so dirty. The previous owners literally left trash and broken furniture in the yard, cat poop all over the laundry room (it looked like they picked up the cat box, dumped it out the litter and took the box with them) and overall we were instantly overwhelmed. It was such a difference from our previous home buying experience, where we were gifted wine, a box full of all the manuals for everything in the home as well as notes about everything they had done over the years. The only wine left for us on this move in was the remains of a bottle that had been spilled in the fridge!

Nevertheless, we got to work trying to make it a home.

It took us forever to actually move in. There were mice, and termites, and all sorts of leaks and drafts and things that come with neglecting an old house. But it’s coming along and we overall are enjoying this new life. It’s a beautiful place, and at the risk of sounding woo woo you can feel the soul of the house welcoming you when you walk in.

Up next is lots more knitting as Kyle and I discuss our next project. And I have a couple of side quest projects thrown in the mix as well!