There’s so damn much to say about this trip. Of course most of it will be in the book, but there are so many things beyond the book that I can talk about.

The trip there was… interesting. The flight to Iceland was overbooked, so much so that they were offering people 1k to give up their seat. I would have done it if they had another flight the next day!

It was also my first experience with pandemic travel. I hated it. I of course don’t love wearing a mask (but of course I do because I’m not a dick) but man my ears were hurting by the end! And so many people just… didn’t wear them on the plane. It was stressful!

But of course, everything is worth it when you get there. Iceland is beautiful. There’s a reason that is one of the first things people say about it. On a cloudy day it feels like you’re in a mystery novel. The clouds hang so low you feel like you should be able to reach up and touch them. On a sunny day you’re in the fairy realm, where everything is too pretty to be real.

And of course… the knitting. Sweaters everywhere. Sheep, and wool, and a country that appreciates the knit as something not only beautiful and creative, but as a necessary part of life. Knitters are most definitely a part of Iceland, and traveling there as one makes you feel SEEN.

The hardest part of the trip was most definitely being away from Evelyn. I had never been away from her for so long, and during the pandemic we were together 24/7! ( I say during the pandemic as if the damn thing is over!) We only chatted for a few minutes each day, but by the last 72 hours I was DONE with being away from her. It’s probably the point where my normally positive outlook started breaking down. (We had also gotten caught in a torrential downpour on the back to the RV from the hot river, and we never actually got completely dry after that. Like, ever. There’s something about being just a little bit DAMP that can ruin even the best of moods)

Again, everything will be in the book, and there is just so much to tell. But when the pandemic finally ends (that will happen someday, right?) get yourself to Iceland. We plan on going back as soon as we can. Our plan had always been to take Evelyn on tons of adventures to other states and countries. And every time I go I meet another knitter, and learn a cool technique or a bit of history. (I think my favorite story of all time will be the elderly knitter explaining how a shipwreck and multiple amputations led to her learning a cool knitting pattern)

In the meantime, a smattering of photos.

rainbow street in Reykjavik
The beautiful rainbow road in Reykjavik
Ice cream in a bowl
I forget where we were, but they had dandelion ice cream!
Woman on a rope swing wearing a knit hat
Swinging on the rope swing at the ice cream stop. This place was just in the middle of nowhere, but a delightful place to visit!
Woman in knit items in front of volcano
The hike to the volcano felt like a dream. Since there is no true “night” in Iceland in July, we lost track of time. It became one foot in front of the other as the temps dropped and we got “just a little closer” until finally we stopped. I think we made it back to the RV at 3am?
Woman in lopapeysa
The knitwear for the book became necessary staples. The wind got cold! I couldn’t capture how HIGH we truly were here. A big gust of wind felt like it would push you off the edge if you weren’t careful!
Woman in front of waterfall
I was so proud of how STRONG I was in Iceland. I was about 50lbs lighter than my last trip there, and the hikes were so much easier! I felt like I could do anything and go anywhere! I twas a wonderful feeling!
whale tail
I wasn’t sure about doing something so “touristy” as a whale watch, but OH I’m glad I did! It was so perfect!
Behind the scenes of a photo shoot
We did so much work! It was truly a lot of fun, but we took the photo shoots very seriously. Sometimes we only had a few minutes of the right light to get the perfect shot
Two women with light gear in front of a glacier
Seeing the glaciers in Iceland is another must. It can be a little busy in some spots, but it’s easy to get away from people if you’re willing to walk. And the sea ducks are so cute!
People in a hot tub
Hestaland was easily my favorite spot for lots of reasons. I got there via Indiana, as I sat next to a woman at Evelyns swim class who started talking knitting with me. Turns out that, surprise surprise! We were going to be in Iceland at the same time! Her sister in law has a horse farm called Hestaland, and they welcomed us with open arms. Beautiful horses, scenery, and beers and a hot tub? Iceland knows how to do hospitality!
Woman, daughter, and a stuffed puffin
But no matter how wonderful the trip was, home to Evelyn was my favorite place to be.