I had someone ask me for more detail on how to do the tassel for the fez. So here is a breakdown!

First off, I realized that the 12″ cut listed in the book might be a little tight. 15-20″ makes it much easier. 
Cut floss to desired length:
The pattern calls for about 30 strands.
Thread as many of those as you can through your tapestry needle. It’s much easier if you fold them in half to thread.

Pull them through the top of your fez (I’m just using a light grey knit hat so the pics show up better)
Loop it as shown, so your embroidery floss is even on both sides. 

It might take you two or three times to get all of them in there.
Next you’re going to braid the floss for two inches

Then tie it in a knot as close to the braid as possible!

You might need to trim the ends for a uniform edge. Again, it’s easier if you go longer than 12″. And you can’t go TOO long as you can always cut it shorter! 
Hope this helps!