Tattoos and Fresh Meat News!

So the big news on who we are taking on as Fresh Meat for Naptown???


That’s right! Picking between those dedicated, 20 girls that sweated it out at workshops, bonded with us, and busted tails (literally in at least 1 case) how could we choose? And with the addition of a “b” team this year, and our brand new secret lair practice facility, we had the room!

So welcome fresh meat. Prepare for your hazing. It involves a Stitch And Bitch night at my house where we drink pomegranate martinis and watch Jason Statham movies.

(of course, you girls shall be licking your martinis off the floor, and knitting with acrylic, but I digress…)

In other news, I went to see Monte yesterday to show him that his tattoo is on the front cover of my book, and set up an appointment for my brothers first tattoo! That dude is booked out on Fridays until JANUARY! Sheesh! Oh well, the best is worth the wait!