Tattoos on the brain…

I’m getting the dreaded tattoo itch again! I’ve been dying for a derby tattoo, but I’m not sure what I’d want. Plus, as Dan keeps pointing out, it’s his turn! Though my argument is that he got a Naptown skull tattoo on the inside of his arm, but he claims since it was free it doesn’t count. Anyway…

I personally, would like him to do something with this 1987 piece on his upper arm:

Now, let me stress, that I do think this tattoo is pretty cool. Yes, it’s a little, ahem, dated. But it was done by Sailor Moses who is a bit of a tattoo legend. So that in itself is cool. And as Dan points out, it’s not dated, it’s “retro”.
BUT, it is faded, and I would like him to get it touched up. Just so the colors will pop again, and the fade spots are filled in. Though, as many tattoo lovers know, it’s so hard to spend money touching up a faded tattoo, when you could spend that money on a NEW tattoo. (though I’m going to cave, as my Michael Whelan really cool stained glass dragon heart on my back is faded from red to pink!
What Dan wants to do at the moment, is get his leg done. Right now he has this:

Which he’s going to do something to. I’m not sure what his goal is. There’s a cool robot painting that he talks about wrapping around his leg, but not sure how he would incorporate it.

Or he could just do his other leg. But that would be too easy!