Had such a perfect thanksgiving weekend here! Kicked off Wednesday with an incredibly busy day! We were swamped until about an hour before close, which I always think is just perfect!
Since my family travels out of town, and Dill doesn’t have family that does Thanksgiving close by, we always end up doing our own misfit style thanksgiving. This year, we headed over to our friend Will’s house, where the majority of guests took part in a deep fried turkey while I enjoyed a lovely tofurkey!

But Friday was the real treat! I actually got to see my brother! He moved to TN, got his PhD at Vanderbilt, and now hangs out there being a smarty pants and teaching others how to be smarty pants as well. And occasionally catching them cheating on papers, and sharing the stories of how stupidly they got caught.
We met up at Vino Villa which is our new favorite hang out. Wine shop downstairs, comfy chairs to eat food and drink your wine upstairs! My brother and I got very drunk and argued about grammar. Because we are nerds.

I’m lucky. I hear other people complain about having bat shit crazy siblings, or dreading seeing their brother or sister, but my brother and I love getting together. He’s smart, kind, funny, and does not mind being a nerd. It’s just hard to get together with him, since he lives so far away. It doesn’t help that I own a business that ties me down, while he has 500 children. (Okay 3. But I believe they make the noise of 500)

So that’s the first part of the holiday season down! Now we enter a busy handful of weeks where I will travel 10 hours to bench coach a roller derby team, design some patterns for a new project, and get ready for the upcoming release of Knits for Nerds!