Thanksgiving weekend

Being a masochist, I spent the Wed. night before Thanksgiving at derby practice. We ran suicide obstacle courses, and coach let us have a little bit of fun with some derby dodgeball and derby freeze tag. Some of the girls got together for some more punishment on Thursday morning for a pre-eating hardcore workout. I slept in;)
Thursday marked our second annual Misfit Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving for us and all of our friends that don’t have family in town, can’t travel, etc. (My family goes north, a little too far of a drive for Dan and I when we have to wake up at 2am on Black Friday)
This year was a smaller group, as Candice has turned traitor and moved to DC. 😉 Rusty went to have a mini misfit Thanksgiving with her, and we hung with our friends Will and Holly for some Turkey (vegetarian meatloaf for me) and Wii gaming.
Friday morning… ugh. We got up at 2am so we could open early for the Black Friday shoppers. We had a pretty steady stream of people, which wasn’t bad considering that we’re pretty far away from the mall craziness. The afternoon picked up a lot. Sold TONS of whole bean coffee for all the people with out of town family visiting.
Then Friday night, I had full intentions of passing out early. Instead, I somehow got talked into redoing our bedroom. We spent HOURS moving furniture around. It totally sucked, but the end result was amazing. Instead of our cramped, tiny bedroom, we now have an open, spacious place to sleep at night! Who would have thought that just moving furniture (not getting rid of anything mind you) would open up our room so much! It feels like we gained about 10 feet of space!
Saturday, we got to see my brother and his family on his way back home to TN. My niece Kyla was adorably grumpy and sleepy, but being a camera diva, you can never tell in pictures!

That’s my brother and Kyla, modeling hats I made for my brother. Kyla, who, in addition to being a camera diva, is also a future fashion diva, immediately recognized the quality of the Noro yarn, and snatched it for herself. Smart girl.

George, on the other hand, was not showing signs of sleepiness. He sat next to his Uncle Dan, and decided that he was going to chill with him for the rest of the evening. They got along very well.
I went to bed early Saturday night, while Dan went for a beer with some of his friends. They ended up watching the high school football game, and seeing Center Grove come back from a 19 point deficit to win the state championship. While I normally don’t give a crap about football, even I have to admit that is kind of exciting!
Sunday was practice, followed by meeting up with Farrah for what I will not admit to being my third viewing of Twilight. We then met up with Dan for some drinks and mexican food. Which I will totally admit too!

So there you have it. My not so exciting but very nice and friend/family filled Thanksgiving weekend!