The Amanda Palmer Hot Chocolate

Way back in the day, I made a Neil Gamain Coffee for Strange Brew. It was fun, and lots of people like it, even though some of them have no idea who he is when they order. If they make the mistake of saying, “Why is this called a Neil Gaiman Latte”? they will be late for their meeting/work/birth of their child/etc, because I ramble their ear off.
ANYWAY, it occurred to me some time ago that we should really have an Amanda Palmer Coffee as well. There’s a guy who comes in once a month and orders a Neil Gaiman Latte and a Blond Bombshell. It feels wrong when I call them out together. I was also asked on Saturday, by some Gen Con attendees who had made the pilgrimage for a Neil Gaiman Latte, why we did not have an Amanda Palmer as well. So, being highly caffeinated, we set to work!

Whenever I create a new drink, especially a new drink for a specific person, I try to think of the first word that comes to my head, that can translate to an ingredient. For some it’s “Sweet”. Others would be, “Strong”. For Amanda, the first word that popped into my head was “Fuck”. Well, that wouldn’t work! The second word was “Spicy”.
So the first ingredient was Cayenne Pepper.

The next thing I thought was, smoke, dark, and hot.
To me that translated to a chocolate drink with steamed milk.
If you follow her on Twitter you’re also going to think “Sweet and Funny”. I needed something to offset the overkill of chocolate and red pepper. Besides, chocolate and red pepper has been done before, by lots of people. I needed more spicy, and another sweet.

Honey. Honey is the answer to everything.

But then the honey on top would be overkill. Too much layering. The drinker would hit the honey and milk, then the chocolate and red pepper. You could taste each individual ingredient, one by one. I didn’t like that.

So here is the final creation. And no, there isn’t actually coffee in it. It’s the Amanda Palmer Hot Chocolate. (Based on a sweet story Neil told a table full of derby girls that involved a statue, a flower, and hot chocolate. It made us all weepy)

Cayenne pepper, cinnamon, honey, chocolate, simple sugar, and topped with flake. Yummy right?

My love of Amanda’s music came from writers. Melissa Marr mentioned her former band, the Dresden Dolls in her book, Wicked Lovely. Then of course, when Neil Gaiman started talking about her, I looked up her music on my Pandora station, and fell in love with the songs Guitar Hero, Runs in the Family (I love that song SO much) and Leeds United. Now I consider myself a fan.

So being a fan, and being a coffee shop owner, here’s the deal. This drink is not going on the menu at Strange Brew until October. BUT, I’ll make you one. I’ll even make you one for FREE! IF, you flash me a proof of purchase for Amanda Palmer’s new album when you come in. If you flash me your vinyl I’ll even make it a large!

Oh, and why is their no whipped cream on the hot chocolate you ask? Because it’s an Amanda Palmer, and comes topless.