The blanket of purple and fat Sassy

You know that stash of acrylic that sits in your yarn room? The stuff you don’t know what you’re going to do with that people have either given you, or you bought when you were first knitting and hadn’t yet discovered the wonders of bamboo, wool, and cotton? Well I have a lot of that. Odd balls, gifted yarn, stuff from my grandmas… it’s everywhere. I’ve organized it by color, and this is what I did with the purple drawer of acrylic.

Fat Sassy would not let me take a picture without her in it. She is a camera ham!

Did I mention that she’s started regularly attempting headstands? Because she has.

Also we call her Fat Sassy now or “Little Fat” because she is.. fat. It’s her own fault. We exercise her, feed her properly, but she has been getting bigger and bigger! We just couldn’t figure it out! Then one day.. we caught her. Sassy has been pulling open the storage drawer with the cat food in it, and crawling inside and eating, and eating, and eating…

We’ve locked it away from her reach, so hopefully she’ll slim back down.