The Chicago Outfit and the Kindle 2.0

Okay, I’m going to have to mush what should be two blog posts, into one blog post, as I am slipping further and further behind. The reason for that, is the greatest little piece of tech on the planet, the new Kindle!
The whole family, in laws included, chipped in so I could have a Kindle 2 for my birthday. (which isn’t until June.. but I digress) Knowing how badly I wanted one, and how my book addiction was slowly taking over the house, time was of the essence here!

When the box first showed up on my porch, I was surprised by how light it was! The size looked about what I imagined as well. Then I opened the box, and realized about half the weight, and half the size were just in the packaging! The Kindle is so little! It’s thinner than my ipod, and comfortable to hold in one hand. The screen is slightly larger than a paperback book page.
The pros I’ve found on it so far:
The google and wiki functions really come in handy.
The size. I can’t get over how light this thing is. I didn’t have a case for it, besides the one I knit. I ended up taking an old day planner, having Dill cut out the binder, and using that as my carry around case. It fits in a day planner!!!
The reading page itself. It isn’t a strain on my eyes the way my computer screen can be. It really does look like paper!
Being able to bounce around between books. The kindle always saves my place for me.
How EASY it is to get a new book!
It lays flat. Ever try to read a book and knit at the same time? You have to hold the book open with your toes. Not so bad with a hardback. Paperback? Forget it! The kindle will just lay flat, making it easy to knit and read! Bliss!

The cons:
Okay seriously, I could spend some money on this thing! It’s so easy to be sitting in a vet office, feeling bored, click a button and have a new book to read! They could add up pretty quickly!
I haven’t dropped it yet, but I imagine it would not survive a fall. It feels kind of fragile.
Ummm… really. That’s all my cons. I was going to make “no book light” a con.. but it’s not really. I just need to get a book light for reading in dim light. I’ve never, ever, ever, loved a piece of tech as much as this kindle. Not my ipod, not my cell phone, nothing. Kindle is now number one in my heart. Especially over you laptop that I’m typing on! With your blinky screen and missing keys. Grrr.
So the Kindle. Get you one. That is my review. Now I need to wrap this up so I can go back to reading!

Chicago Outfit brought their A team and B team to a double header scrimmage against Naptown this Sunday. I was really looking forward to it! I’ve heard a lot about the Outfit, but never actually seen them play. I saw them passing us in the backrooms of Fall Brawl, but that was about it.
I got to the space before everything started. It was exciting to watch the Belles get out there! The Belles ran a tight pack, shutting down the Outfit’s jammers from the get go. Ivanna started the whole thing off with a 10 point jam for the Belles, and I think may have even racked up 17 points in one jam! They were all hitting hard, making it a good scrimmage to watch! I think the final score was 100 and something to 44, in favor of the Belles.

Our turn out against the A team was exciting. We had to drag poor Jen X and Ivanna over to the A team, since a couple Sirens couldn’t make it.
Our first half was shaky ground. The Outfit hits hard, just as I thought they would. It took team hits to knock them to the ground for the most part. Also, gray helmet panties are the cleverest idea ever! It made it really hard to see their jammer in the pack, since that gray just blended right in with their gray shirts. Their most aggressive jammer was #M-80. She would push, pull, whip her way through the pack, without ever slowing down. Didn’t matter if you were on her team or not, she would use you to get through! The way we finally figured out how to stop her was a team effort. She always wanted the inside. Every single time. Even if she had a better chance of taking the outside. So when she was on the line, we knew that the inside was where we needed to group our efforts against her. Let her have the inside like she wanted, then close in and hold her. Most times it would work. It was a play we only figured out in the second half.
Second half was where we found our footing. The first half of the first half (does that make sense?) there was only an average of a ten point spread. When I looked at the score at the end of the scrimmage, we had won 100 and something to 30 something. Second half was definitely our game!
The only other issue I saw with that team, was that they weren’t paying attention to their less aggressive jammers. In fact, one of them, knocked me down, INTO their jammer, causing her to fall, when she was pretty close to getting through. They just weren’t keeping an eye on it.
Other than that, the team is really good. Hard hitters, with a very brisk pack speed. We’ve struggled in the past dealing with slower teams, but that was not a problem with these girls. They like to run a quick game, which makes it much more fun!
I can’t remember her full name, but Lola (?) is a great blocker for them. Really agile, and great at rotating. All their blockers were really good at the rotation, but she really stood out. Just fantastic to play against!

After the scrimmage we all feasted on pizza and cupcakes and popsicles! Nothing in this world is better than a popsicle after a really hard work out in a really hot warehouse! Then, getting ready to leave, discovered that one of the chicago gals had a flat tire! The boys tried to get her old one off and the spare on, but it was rusted on. Luckily, there is a semi repair place next door that was happy to air the tire up for her, but you could hear the air hissing back out! A few frantic phone calls found a place that would put the tire on if she got there by six. So Rick and Karen led them to the place so they wouldn’t get lost, and to make sure the tire didn’t blow on the way.

Overall a great Sunday. I just wish they had brought some merch down! Their logo is awesome, and I need a shirt!