The greatest announcer prank ever?

During our first and second season, I believe that our announcers, Dill and Brownie Her0, pulled off the greatest announcer prank ever, on D’nouncer Duane from Kansas City.
Naptown Roller Girls flew Duane in for our first ever bout, Cherry Stomp, to help show our announcers the ropes. He taught them a few things, partied with all of us, and ate large amounts of White Castle, since apparently the chain is not to be found in Kansas. (lucky you Kansas)
Then he flew home.
When Brownie was cleaning up, he found that Duane had left his socks behind.
The next year was spent taking the socks all over town, to parties, derby bouts, new years parties… it was kind of weird. Derby girls stuffed socks in their bras and panties, did shots with socks, we took them on stage with us at events, socks went everywhere!

Then the boys had to figure out the best way to return the socks to Duane. During all of this, Duane had no idea where his socks were! So the boys enlisted the help of super hottie scoreboard girl, Red Rocket. (If you come to NRG bouts, she’s the one dressed as the Mad Hatter, A pod racer, a jedi, a… um, dominatrix with big hair???)
Rocket when she was a ref, and the socks:

Rocket, being an awesome photographer, offered to photograph Dill and Brownie with the socks. She didn’t exactly know what they wanted to do with the socks, just that both our announcers insisted that Rocket look as frumpy and ugly as possible for the shoot.
This is the picture.
WARNING: There is no nudity, but um… maybe NSFW. Just saying!

The boys had those made into posters, and mailed them to Duane. Along with the remaining sock (the other one got lost when yours truly crashed into the announcers booth and spilled all their beer) some White Castle Hamburgers in ziploc bags, and a song they wrote about the socks.

But it gets better.

See, Duane was out of town when the package arrived. So it sat for about four days or so. Then, when Duane got home, he brought over his girlfriend, and his girlfriends parents, and decided to open the package. According to Duane, after he opened the box and the stench of week old White Castle hit, he ran and got tongs to remove the contents!

So there it is. I’m of the opinion that our announcers pulled off the greatest announcer prank in derby. Any challenges to that claim?
Wanna hear the song? CLICK HERE!