The joy of RiffTrax!

Our friend Paul is a pretty awesome nerd. He’s always discovering something nerdy (cool) for us. He used to work at the gaming store where they sell cards and board games and miniatures.
We learned to trust his suggestions for fun things to do when he brought over a game called The Settlers of Catan that we really, really didn’t want to play because “omg it looks so LAME” which quickly turned into “omg, best game EVER”.
So when Paul asked if we wanted to watch Twilight during our normal Thursday night hangout we were a little surprised, but open to hearing his plan. He then he pointed us to RiffTrax. Watching Twilight with RiffTrax was the FUNNIEST thing ever! It’s basically the guys from MST3K doing what they do, making fun of movies.
It was hilarious! I highly recommend getting Twilight (Single-Disc Edition) and the Riff Track and check them out! We totally enjoyed it. (Of course, I was very drunk on flat beer… so take that for what it’s worth)!