The Nuvo Cultural Vision Awards and the Amazing $13 Dress!

Last Friday (my birthday!!!!) Naptown Roller Girls were going to be honored with a Cultural Vision Award from Nuvo. Which meant I would get to wear a fancy dress. Which meant I had to FIND a fancy dress.
All well and good, but, that week I had been working open to close every single night, due to two of my employees being on vacation and one employee driving a dog to Florida so it would not be a homeless dog. Add in derby practice, and it leaves little time for shopping!
So Thursday night, I had a plan. We got out of work at 8:30, headed to the mall, which closes at 9:00. At 8:50, I went running into a store, hoping against hope that I could find the perfect dress in 10 minutes flat! A quick scan showed me nothing with promise, until I spied a rack on the back wall. There it was. Linen, sleeveless, cut to be flattering to a derby girl, (ie, looked good for a gal with a smaller waist and big thighs and ass), it was PERFECT!
And it was almost $50. Whatever, I had 3 minutes left to buy it. Ran to the counter, salesgirl flips it over and we realized the zipper was broken! NOOOO! She offered the dress to me for $13 since it had the broken zipper.
Okay, I am crafty. I can knit, I can crochet, I can wet felt, dye yarn, make pillows… but can I fix a zipper? No. I can’t. I took the dress anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that I could find a way to make it work.
When I got home, and showed Dill the dress, he calmly sat down on the couch, dress in his lap, grabbed some pliers and Voila! Perfect dress, perfect zipper, and all for $13! Whoohoo!

The dress!

Honestly, I did not know what to expect from this awards thing. Okay, brutal honesty… I thought it would be kind of hokey! I just didn’t “get” it I guess. Until I went, and I sat through the videos, and the speeches, and… wow. I was tearing up at the fact that we were being recognized with all of these incredible people. People that really strive to make a difference in their community, who want to make Indiana a great place to live! Yes, I know that we belong in those ranks. I know that that NRG donates hours and hours to charity, that we are a group of women who started from skating in a church parking lot, to skating in front of thousands. I might be aware of what we do, but to stand up and be recognized by all these other great people… it was an incredible feeling. I left feeling slightly breathless, and in awe of what this truly represented for us, with a much greater respect for some of the things that happen in Indy around me.

We trotted over to a pub after wards, to celebrate with beer and cake. (It was my birthday, I get cake on my birthday)! Dill also celebrated with Scotch eggs, thanks to Katya Lookin. They are his new favorite food. If you’ve never heard of them, they are eggs, hard boiled, wrapped in sausage, then deep fried. I believe you receive a free pace maker with every dozen. It was nice to hang out with my girls, hear some crazy single after party hook up stories ( I will not divulge who, but I will say one of the girls needs to stay single, so we can live vicariously through her dating shenanigans), and just HANG OUT! No sweaty pads, no quick conversations in between Russian Twists, no trying to send each other into a concrete wall, just some nice hang out time, celebrating with my favorite group of girls on the planet.

Pics! You all know the drill about clicking on the images by now right???

SJ on screen for our award.

A group of us after the awards!

Dill eats a scotch egg.

Hanging out at the pub.