The Paramore Decode Hat Pattern

Okay, this is not going to be the cleanest, nicest pattern ever. But I want to post something up because I’ve gotten no less than 3 ravelry messages and 2 emails begging for it! I’ll do a much nicer PDF with gauge and everything tidied up later!

US size 7 16″ circular
US size 8 16 ” circular
US size 8 dpn’s.
1 stitch marker
1 cable needle

I used 2 skeins of Jiffy Lion Brand in Violet. Any lighter bulky weight or heavier worsted weight should work.

*note- I didn’t put the bobbles in specific places. I just scattered them throughout the hat, in the purl sections only.
The bobble stitch pattern is:
knit, purl, knit into 1 stitch
turn, purl 3
turn knit 3
turn purl 3
turn, pass st 2nd and 3rd over first st, then knit into the back of that st. Continue with purl sts.

With Smaller circular needle CO 96 sts.
Join without twisting, and pm.
Work 2×4 rib for 4″ (knit 4, purl 2)
Switch to larger circular needles
Next row: Purl 12, k6. repeat to end of round. At the same time, increase 12 sts evenly. 108 sts.
Rows 1-5: purl 12, k6 across
Row 6: purl 12, c6f, p12
Repeat those 6 rows, while working bobbles in on the purl sections until hat is a total of 8″ long, ending on a row 6.
Next row: purl 10, p2tog, k6, p2tog, p10. Repeat to end.
Repeat this decrease pattern, decreasing 1 st before and after each cable, until you end on a row 6, switching to dpn’s when necessary.
Next row: Knit 2 together, until 8 sts remain.
Cut yarn, leaving a 10″tail. Thread with tapestry needle, and run through live stitches, pulling taunt.
Weave in all lose ends.

Fold brim, rock out like Hayley Williams from Paramore!

Like I said, I’ll post a much cleaner version later. Just wanted to get something up for those of you that were begging to get started on it!!!

**** There is now a new version of this hat! Cut out & Keep did a little Q&A with me, and I decided to update Decode, make it a little longer and floppier. There is also a pattern that I did with Sweet C, for a Ice Cream Sandwich shaped Tampon Holder! Check everything out here: