The scary Apple store!

Sooo… I’m not typing this on my brand new mac. The reason being that my brand new mac is in Daniels hands, while he plays with Garage Band. Le sigh. I knew that would happen!

Saturday, we left the shop, let the puppies out, then made the long drive to the Fashion Mall, which is apparently the only dang place to “window shop” for a mac. (heehee) After wandering around the mall for 20 minutes, we finally found the apple store. And I learned along the way, that if I’m ever in the mood for a good laugh, take Dan to the fashion mall. His *loud* running commentary was cracking me up the entire time. (For those of you not from IN, the Fashion Mall tends to be where the people with more disposable income than us go)
Anyway, we walk into the Apple store and it is PACKED. I mean just crazy, crazy busy. It takes us about 10 minutes to muscle our way up to a laptop to see what they’re all about. We fiddled around with it for about 20 minutes, trying to catch the eye of an employee. No good. They were outnumbered by customers a good 10 to 1. Finally I snagged one and got him over to the laptop we were looking at.
Here’s where it gets really, really scary, and why I never want to go to the Apple store again.

We ask him about two questions, then while our heads are still spinning, he shows us the printers we can get free after rebate. Hops on his walkie talkie, turns to us, goes, “Matte or Glossy screen”? Dan says matte. Employee appears out of nowhere within about 3 seconds. Sets our boxes at our feet, he whips the machine off of his belt, takes our card, swipes it, confirms our email (I can only guess he had it because we have itunes. Scary) then next thing we know we’re standing outside the store, in a massive amount of debt, with our receipt, our laptop and our printer, with about three other people and their packages looking just as shell shocked as we were. Dan said if a support group opened up next door they would do killer business. It was nuts! It was just so easy to buy one, you didn’t even have to move from your spot. There’s no “think this through” long march to the counter or anything!
Buuuttt, we have a Mac! So far we’re still trying to get comfortable with it and see what it can do. The little things I’m noticing right off the bat are the better keyboard, light weight, and waaay long battery life. The picture on the screen is pretty amazing too!
After that, we went home, cleaned house a bit, and went to our friends Will and Holly’s for game night. We played a few different games, including an 80’s version of Outburst Jr. which was pretty funny. (You try and name 10 different brands of toothpaste from the 80’s)! Then, it was Scene It, Harry Potter time.
Alright, I am a Harry Potter Nut. I mean, just stupid about it. So when Wills friend straight up challenged me, saying he knew way more… it was just on! I wiped the floor with him of course 😉 Though, to be fair, he knew way more movie trivia than I did, ie, behind the scenes questions. It was a great night, until Dan pointed out that thanks to daylight savings, it was now 1:30 in the morning! Ugh.
Sunday felt extra long. Daylight savings always means the next work day is dead. Completely and utterly dead. Plus we were short an hour of sleep and I had practice, it made for a long day. We went to the movies right after, to see the next installment of the Living Dead series. Diary of Death or Death of Death, whatever you want to call it. It really, really sucked. It wasn’t even bad in a campy funny way. It was bad in the way that I was wishing they could turn the lights up so I could knit. Checking my watch bad. We should have known. We got to the theater, and we were 6 of the 15 people there. Then we found out it was coming out on DVD in late April or early May. Um yea. Bad.
Will try to post some pictures up later. Hopefully from Mac. If I can figure it out, and drag Dan away from it.