The weekend

We kicked off the weekend Friday night, by heading over to Christopher Wests brand new art gallery, for the Naptown Calender release! Wow! Twice the people in half the space compared to last years launch! It was crazy!

Unlike last year, this crowd never, ever let up. Sure people left, but more would come in to take their place! (Psst! As always, click on the pic to make it bigger)!
The photos this year were just beyond outstanding. You can see my two pictures above. The one on the right was given the black and white treatment for the actual calender. The one on the left I want to have screened on a shirt, with the words, “sometimes I look like this” above it. It was really breathtaking. Made it totally worth the five hours of having my hair tied in knots, getting graveyard dirt in my skates, flashlights shined in my eyes by cops, and bugs dropping from 80 year old trees into my hair! Seriously, totally, totally worth it for those pictures! I need to see if I can get permission to show some of them on this blog. You can see one off to the side below, on the far right. It’s Kit and Ana Slays Ya, in warrior woman garb with broad swords, and a sunset so fierce behind them it looks like the world is on fire. I am SO buying that print!

Dill got asked for his autograph on his “Reservoir Dogs” photo. Smackie appears to be getting ready to nom this poor womans brains. Aha! That’s how she always looks so good!!!
Me getting asked to sign my pic in the calender.
JRoller getting asked to sign her pic in Knockdown Knits!
Me and Nay. This was before she asked me to sign her butt, and after I asked her to sign my boob. See what you miss when you miss an NRG event?

We wanted to go out afterwards, but we had to be responsible adults since we were catering at an elementary school in the morning! Breakfast with Santa! Not only did we get to make some extra money serving coffee, we got some yummy donuts afterwards, and Dan got to give Santa his Christmas list! (Happy family, good health… I wanted him to ask for a pony. boo.)
We spent the rest of Saturday working, then going to Matt and Kristin’s baby shower (very, very late mind you) then Dan whipped up salsa and the boys had Her0 practice.

Sunday we worked and Dan went with Will to the… Colts game! One of our customers gave us tickets. I couldn’t go since I had practice, so Dan took Will. He’s never been to a football game before, and since we figure we own at least a couple of bricks of Lucas Oil, might as well go right?

He had a good time, and the seats were ridiculously close. Like, you could see the expressions on the players faces close!

I just got sweaty practice with push ups and mile runs and and military presses. Grrrz. Of course, since I was just recently bragging on the fact that my body is all healed (for a derby girl of course) I threw my back out Friday morning. So Sunday’s practice freaking HURT. I couldn’t seem to stretch my stride out, and every time I stopped skating my lower back would actually spasm. Stupid.
It was still a good practice though. We’re all gearing up for the team selection and tryouts that are going on over the next two weeks. It’s going to be a close call as to who makes the Sirens for Jan. and who doesn’t. We’re also doing tryouts for the WFTDA roster. Lots of new girls want that spot, and have been working very, very hard for it. The big question is going to be… how bad the the vets still want it? Who’s showing up to the most practices? Making the most improvements? Knowledgeable about the rules? Nothing is going to be certain this season. Almost all of us are on our toes!