This one time, at the coffee shop…

I overhear things here. Things that are sad or funny, things that are weird, things that are scary, and sometimes… I hear things that are all of those things.

Several months back, I was working by myself. I had just rung up a group of middle aged women, and had hopped over to the bar to make their drinks. (the majority of which were decaf, skinny, sugar free, really what is the POINT? concoctions)
And I heard this.

Lady A turns to her friends and says, Charlie* has a Spanish test tomorrow. I don’t get why they teach Spanish in school, it’s pointless!
Lady B turns to her and says, “pointless? Really?”
Lady A responds, “Yes! No one speaks Spanish! They should be teaching Mexican!”
Lady C bursts out laughing, while Lady B says quietly, “Lady A, Spanish is what Mexican people speak”.
Lady A replies, “OHHHH! I thought Spanish is what they spoke in Spain!”

Do you guys know how hard it was to not plop down on the floor and just die laughing? Do you???

*Name changed to protect the poor child who belongs to Lady A.