This picture…

This time last year, my ass looked like this on the track:
(click the picture for the full effect)

Greg The Mayor

This picture was my inspiration to lose weight. One year later, I did not hit my goal weight, but I did lose 50lbs, and my ass now looks like this on the track:

Dr. X

I eat better, I skate better, and I feel LOTS better. My new goal is to lose that final 10lbs by next month, when I meet Neil Gaiman. Did I not mention that I’m meeting Neil Gaiman next month??? That is because my brain still can’t process it, and that knowledge is still squealing, blushing, and hiding in a corner. Hopefully by next month it will have processed, and I can blog about it.
But for now, I’m thinner. Lots thinner. I feel pretty damn good about it.