Trying to type without a pinky is hard.

More on the finger issue:
We were doing a round of 4, 2 minute scrimmages. I was having a great time blocking. It was hurting my shoulder like crazy, but I was still doing a good job. At one point, I felt a sharp pain in my hand, but didn’t really stop and pay attention to it. I never fell, so it must have just whacked on someone’s wrist guard.
After our round, we went over for a leg workout (we would scrimmage, then work out while belles scrimmage, then switch) when I looked down at my hand, which was now really starting to hurt, and saw that there was this huge bump right in front of my bottom knuckle. I showed it to Fin, who’s currently nursing a broken finger herself, and she agreed that it was broken. She taped it up for me, but taping that part of the finger is really hard. It started swelling like crazy, but before the swelling got too awful, I could sort of… eh, look away if you get sick easy, grab the little bone in my pinky and move it around. Sort of, push it from side to side and see the end of it moving, and feel it moving. It really hurt to do that, so I quit. 😉
I kept scrimmaging, but by the end of the night I was in some real pain. Once that adrenaline fades, things start to hurt even more.
Here’s what it looks like now. This is a blurry, horrid picture, but it’s really hard to take a picture of your own hand.
You can see some of the bruising, but the black and blue doesn’t really translate very well in the photo. It looks worse than that!
It’s not too bad right now. It hurts like screaming oh my god paiiiinnn if I touch it, and touching the middle knuckle hurts really bad for some reason.
Eh, it’s a bone. It grows back right?
The lucky thing is, I just made these really cute gloves, and I can’t tell you how GOOD they feel to wear, over the broken pinky. Putting them on hurts pretty bad, but once they’re on.. mmm, bliss.
The yarn is Plymouth Galway, a nice, not too expensive wool. I found the pattern off ravelry, and modified the fingers a bit. The experienced knitter can probably spot my mistake in this pic;)
I’m going to make another set, when I have time, but I’m going to replace the cables on the bottom with the slanting rib/fake cables I used for the “Know Your Buddy Wrist Cuffs”. This cable is kind of tight, and I’m remembering the one on the wrist cuffs being snug, but still stretchy.
Here’s the pic of one of my gloves:

Okay, typing is hurting, so I’m off.