Tryouts for the Sirens were last night. I didn’t do as well as I feel I could have. I’m going to lay 80% of the blame on me not pushing myself hard enough, but the rest is all on my wheels.
I must find a way to replace my wheels by the first bout. Bald does not begin to describe. There is seriously no tread on 6 of my wheels. The problem is, I need 2 sets. One set for practice, one set for bouts. And we are just way to broke right now.
The other problem is, I’m not sure which wheels to get anymore. I have been skating on these, combined with these for the corners. Much as I like them, I know that they aren’t the perfect wheels for me. They’ve been good enough, and I can’t afford to buy wheels that I’m unsure of, in case they don’t work for me at all.
Thought I have been eyeballing these babies. The G-Rods. Jane just picked some up, so I might see what she thinks of them first. Then bust into the change jar or something. As a last resort, I might see if I can get my wheels re-grooved.