That’s right! After YEARS of hard work, missing out by ONE STINKING POINT last season, this season we have finally made it! Naptown is NUMBER 9 in our region and going to Wisconsin to duke it out with the top ten teams in the North Central Region!

My fellow derby girl Strawberry Jam summed it up best. “Dammit, I know there is no crying in derby, but I am crying right now!!!”

We have worked SO HARD this season. There are no words for how hard we worked. As an individual, I lost 50lbs in the hopes of being a better skater. As a teammate, I listened, I obeyed, and played harder and smarter than I have every other season.

Our girls, and ESPECIALLY our awesome coaches and support staff, put in so much work this year, and this year it finally paid off! Here we come Wisconsin!!!!

And many, many thanks to Mr. Neil Gaiman , The Fabulous Lorraine and Cat from Neverwear for being my good luck charms and not having me locked up in a ward when I started pelting them with Octokitties for good luck. You guys are freaking awesome! More octokitties to come! (I wonder if there are enough to build a fort yet?)
*Also a special thanks to Amanda Palmer for telling Neil to hang with us. She rocks, and you should buy her new album!

So now I am off to run around the room and scream some more, maybe shed another tear or two. Then I will work out, go to practice, work out some more, rinse and repeat until September, when we go skate with some of the best teams the derby world has to offer.

If you would care to help send us on our way and fill our locker room with healthy pre and post bout food, you can do so by chipping in here. Derby travel is not cheap, and we bunk up 2 to a bed. (which actually is not so bad. *nudge nudge*) But our bus driver needs to be paid, and food needs to be bought, etc, etc. Here is a linky if you care to chip in!

To all you fans and friends that have supported us these many long seasons, thank you. You mean the freaking world to us.