Weekend getaway

Spent last weekend up North. There is a lot of story to this one, involving mad dashes through the Chicago airport, missing flights, and being rescued from the scary airport cots via a kind soul on twitter.
That, however, is for another blog. That blog will include the most insane adventure getting TO a derby bout, and then what has to be the most baffling derby I have ever witnessed in my entire life.
Again, another blog post. This one is going to be a nice fluffy blog post all about invisible white wolves in the woods.

After the epic road trip and derby bout, I had to go all the way back home. To keep me from dissolving into hysterics at the thought of walking into another airport, Lorraine and I decided to spend some time at the big house with Cabal and Lola. Slammer came by as well, to inspect the woods for dead trees that could be cleared out and used in the Leopard Lounge.

First stop, see if the glove I knit for the zombie hand was surviving the winter.

So far so good!

Then the obligatory slide down the hill…

The moment of indecision: Are the dogs still playing, or have they crossed over into trying to kill each other?

And of course, you can not be on Neil’s property without checking out his big, strong… lamppost.
I wanted my picture by it, since I was wearing a pretty bad ass leather jacket that belonged to Neil. ( I did not have my coat, that is part of the epic travel story) Since I figure that there will be very few times in my life that I am both wearing a bad ass leather jacket and be by a lamppost in the middle of the winter wood, I wanted my picture taken. Lorraine thought we should pose the dogs in the picture as well.
I attempted to wrangle them into the shot:

Because, you know, that was totally going to work.

We decided to just take the damn picture.

Finished off by checking in on the bees, who are in full on winter mode. So cute if they weren’t plotting my quick death by stinging!

Had to head to the airport after that, where I randomly bumped into Daisy. We had to communicate telepathically through the security glass. (and twitter)

More weekend posts to follow! I know that Lorraine is hard at work on her post about her amazing scrimmage!