Weekend vs. Derby.. Derby wins!

Memorial Day weekend rolled around. Which for most people meant a lazy three day weekend doing yard work, cookouts, etc. Not for coffee shop owners, and especially not for derby girl coffee shop owners!
Friday we kicked off with some bluegrass music from a band called Big Wilson River Band. It’s hard to tell what a band is going to sound like, and there is always the fear that we’ll be forcing smiles, watching the clock, waiting till we can go home. Luckily, this band totally rocked! They were fun as hell to have in the shop, and if they weren’t from New Jersey we’d have them here a lot more! Still, a late night for us. We got done around nine, went home, hung out with the pops until 11ish, then off to bed!
Saturday started off with a bang. It was a busy morning, trickling off around noonish. Dill and I darted out of the shop, and ran over to the game store, where I had Wii Active on hold. We also had to run around and get mulch for our much neglected yard, and some stuff to do housework. A quick supply run, return to the shop, and then home. I set up the Active to get a quick workout in. I try to work out every day, especially if I don’t have derby practice that day. I have been bouncing between running, the Wii Fit, and the Gold’s Gym Cardio workout for wii. (which is seriously a good work out)!
The Active is not as involved as the wii fit, ie, no body fat, bmi, weight goals… it has a TON more workouts than the Wii fit does. I found myself really working up a sweat. Jumping, squats, boxing, tons of stuff to play around with. I really like the 30 day challenge. A “trainer” sets up a workout routine for you based on how hard you want to work out. Mine set me up on running, in line skating, boxing, squats, side jumping, bicep curls, and tricep extensions. Each little workout is only a few minutes long. It’s intense, so you feel the workout, but it’s over quickly enough that you don’t get bored. I haven’t even really cracked into any of the tennis/volleyball/basketball stuff yet either! After a couple hours of working out, Dill and I ate dinner, then worked on the house. We are SO far behind on our garden. Dill needs to build me boxes for the strawberries and tomatoes. But first, he needs to find TIME to build the boxes. And we need to yank some bushes out of the front, put mulch and new dirt down.. ugh. It’s getting away from us I’m afraid.

Sunday at the shop was pretty busy, again, first thing in the morning. It was quieter than our normal Sunday, which we expected, based on past holiday weekends. We did an okay day, and it was pretty much over by noon, though we hung around until almost 2pm before closing.

While most people were winding down for the relaxing weekend, us derby girls had to hit practice Sunday night. And for those of you in Indiana, you know exactly how hot it was in our non-air conditioned practice space! Add in the fact that I was really sore from the Active work out, and it was a tough practice overall. Really exciting though. There is nothing like really pushing your body to it’s limits.

Monday, we did get to sleep in! We had the kids open the shop, since we were only going to be open until noon. We woke up to the sound of rain, and knew that we should go in. Sunny Memorial day = dead coffee shop. Wet, rainy Memorial day = rush! Sure enough, we logged into the security system and saw the girls getting hit with lots of customers. We bounced on over, fully ready to jump in and help them out, and found that they were fully in control and capable of handling the rush on their own thank you very much! So we relaxed on the couches and had coffee, talked to customers. Next, we went over to look at some cabinets for the shop. Measured, found out they will perfectly replace the metal table we currently use for our brew station, and headed BACK to the coffee shop to meet the espresso repair guy to find out what parts we need to do some upgrades on our espresso bar.

Finally, we were done! The rain had ended, the sun was shining.. time for cooking out and relaxing right? Um no. Derby practice was at 7pm that night! So instead we cleaned the bedroom, I got in another good workout on the Active, then headed off to practice. Once again a butt kicker practice. Suicides, squat skating/sprinting drills, and more ab workouts than I care to think about. Round it all of with scrimmaging, then MORE core workouts and sprints… I was fully wiped by the time practice ended.
I came home, showered, and found out that the wonderful Mr. Dill, for all of his disappointment that derby kind of trumped our weekend, was his awesomely supportive self, and had made me a big gigantic salad, a hunk of watermelon, and some veggie patties. AND, for the bonus points, he had queued up the next episode of Dr. Who to watch. Major, major points for Mr. Her0 for that one!
So while I didn’t get a nice relaxing weekend, I did get some bloody feet, some sore abs and quads, an aching shoulder, and a feeling that I wouldn’t trade my crazy derby schedule for all the relaxing holiday weekends in the world!