What I learned…

I truly believe that you are never to old to learn something new! For instance, yesterday, I learned that you should not try to make a hard boiled egg in the microwave!
Since it’s close to a bout, my diet consists of lots of protein, no sugar, and I try to avoid white flour. So I eat lots and lots of veggie patties, fruit, and… eggs!
I was having a crazy craving for hard boiled eggs yesterday at lunch. I decided that I should try and MICROWAVE ONE! Yea, not my shining moment here! So I stuck an egg in a bowl, put in the microwave, hit 5 minutes (I know! I know!) and walked back into the office to work on the schedule. Dill was at his desk behind me, and all of a sudden we both heard “BAM! CRASH! CLANG” and saw a measuring cup go flying onto the floor of the kitchen! WTF???
Right. So what I learned.
If you try to make a hard boiled egg in the microwave, and it cooks for too long, the door to the microwave will fly open, the egg will explode everywhere, and anything that was in the path of the door will go flying onto the floor. Also, you will be cleaning up egg for at least an hour.
I need one of these: https://www.buyegggenie.com/Default.aspx?MID=535494

I could totally be in the infomercial too! You know how they give someone a task to do the “old” way. Like opening a ziploc bag! “Why struggle to open those hard to open ziploc bags! Introducing the bag genie! For 3 easy payments of $19.95 you can end the struggle of trying to pull and pry your food out of the bag”!
I would make the perfect idiot sighing and blowing my hair out of my face as I cleaned exploded egg off the wall!