What I learned from Roller Derby…

Every once in a while, I post something that I’ve learned from roller derby. Usually it’s something silly, but this post is Serious Business. So, what I learned from roller derby:
Don’t give up.
Last night we were scrimmaging, and it was a HARD scrimmage. Started off Sirens against Belles, and we were shutting down the Belles, pounding on them a little harder than we should have been this close to a bout. (tell a derby girl to only give light bumps and taps. Now see how long that lasts) We then split up our scrimmage, Belles vs. Belles for 2 jams and Sirens vs. Sirens for 2 jams. We were closing in on the 2 hour mark at this point, and one of the newer girls was jamming for the Belles. She was tired, and getting knocked down over, and over, and over again. She got up, and we could see she was on the verge of tears, and started to skate off the track in defeat. We all started screaming from the bench for her to keep going, not to give up, she could do it, etc. Still frustrated, she shoved her skates forward and headed back to the pack. She sped up, dodged, went down once, popped back up, and slipped through the pack cleanly and quickly!
Yes she wanted to quit, and she was hurt, and beat up, and tired. But she didn’t quit, and she made it. Maybe she didn’t get the most points in that jam, but she got through, and even if she hadn’t, not quitting when you’re not winning, and you’re getting the snot beat out of your is a victory in itself.