What I’ve been up to

It’s been freaking busy around here!
We’ve been catering out the wahzoo! Argh! i love it, because it means we’re making money and the shop is busy, but it does throw a wrench in the old sleep schedule!

On my needles right now:
Baby blanket for Bill’s baby
Crochet Dolphin for a fellow skater
Sheldon the Turtle
And some socks on 2 circular needles!

I just cast on the socks last night. I’m running into tangles a lot, which I think is because my circulars spent about 15 years wound up and in a bag. I should have boiled them to straighten them out a bit before knitting with them. The further I get in the cuff though, the easier it seems to be getting. The technique is a little tricky to get started, but so far it seems to be going well. I’m hoping this will work out for me, because I am the worst at knitting the second sock. And when I do actually make a second sock, it’s never the same size as the first!

Sheldon is close to being done. I’m on his legs right now.

Oh and for fun, here is a picture of Sassy and Ernie. Ernie is perfect as always. Sassy Burrito almost died by snarfing down a treat that was too big for her, and lodged in her throat. She is a dumbass dog.