What Sassy (and Ernie!) Ate Today…

We had a fail yesterday morning. Dill grabbed the trash out of the cabinet, bagged it… and left it sitting on the kitchen floor.

Needless to say when we came home, we discovered that Sassy and Ernie had spent their day feasting on trash goodness.
Contents of the trash:
Yellow Squash
Egg Shells
Chocolate Cake and White Cake crumbles (from making kitty litter cake)
Rotten Cherries
Green Bean ends

Ernie seemed fine yesterday. He had gotten sick sure, but he was over it by the time we got home. Sassy on the other hand had a bloated belly, her tail was tucked between her legs, and she just looked MISERABLE!

Stupid Dog.

By the end of the night she seemed better, and even ate food. This morning however, right as I clicked my alarm for a quick extra snooze, I heard the icky sounds of a dog dry heaving at the foot of the bed.
Sassy threw up.
As in, I have no idea where it all came from. It was the size of her head. Then she did it again, and again, and again…

We kept her with us for a few hours this morning. She ate some rice a while ago, drank a bunch of water, and seems peachy keen now!

Stupid, stupid dog.