What Sassy Ate Today…

Remember what I said about the cuter the picture, the worse the behavior of Sassy? She was so bad this weekend, that you get this:

No picture. Imagine her as an embryo. Because the tinier she is, the cuter she is right? And trust me, this dog needs to be pretty damn cute after this weekend.

Sassy has upped her destruction level lately. She is lightning quick, with ninja like reflexes, adept at eating things not meant for consumption in mere MOMENTS of nonattendance. A couple days ago we were in the kitchen, and she ate two pens. Where does she find pens? I can never find pens! I complain at least once a week about the lack of pens in our house! Yet she finds two! (and eats them)
Yesterday, while we were outside, she ate the baby gate that confines the dogs to the living room.
Yes, you read that correctly. She ATE the BABY GATE. Not the whole thing obviously, but most of the top bar, and enough of the plastic mesh to fit her fat tummy through, so that she could enter the dining room and…
get an icy hot pack out of my skate bag and…
eat it.

So lets recap:
In two days, over the course of may 20 minutes total Sassy Ate:
Ink pen (2)
Baby Gate (1)
Icy Hot Pack (1)
Most dogs would consider that a pretty successful couple days work right? Oh, but Sassy is an overachiever!
Friday night, the Naptown Roller Girls were promoting roller derby at screenings of the new movie Whip It! I helped work the information booth on Friday night, along with Dill, who had a megaphone. At the movie theater. Surprisingly, this was actually a big hit with the manager, who thought Dill was funny. Anyway, I was not going to watch the movie, because while I really, really want to see it, I’ve had a nagging little cough, and did not want to disturb anyone else in the theater.
But I still really wanted a promo shirt 😉
So we snagged 2 of them. One for me, and one for Dill. I was super excited about my shirt!
We went home, I laid my shirt, and Dills shirt, on the back of a chair, and took a bath.
Sassy, took MY shirt off the back of the chair, despite Dill’s being easier for her to reach, and ate the tag out of it.
So add that to her list:
Shirt tag (1)

But, again, overachiever here. So after she dragged the shirt to the middle of the floor, and ate the tag, she peed on it.

So no picture of Sassy. Here’s an OMG PONIES!!!!!1!! video for your enjoyment instead.