What Sassy Ate Today…

Sassy doesn’t always eat random crap while we’re gone and she’s bored. Oh no. Sometimes we turn and say, see her face covered in what Dill thinks is blood, only to find she’s ingested a red sharpie.
Or, a couple days ago, we might hear a strange, “crunch, crunch” sound. It’s one of those things that takes a few minutes to sink in. With three cats and two dogs, there is usually food in the bowls and critters eating. However this time, we noticed that, hey, there is a “crunch, crunch” sound, and Ernie is in here, Sassy is out of food, and all the cats are fighting over the one good sunbeam that has appeared in the house. What is making that “crunch crunch” noise?
Quick inventory of animals and guess who isn’t in the immediate vicinity? Sassy Burrito of course! Follow the noise of “crunch, crunch” and there she is, with half a cheap plastic coat hanger. Since we had just returned from shopping, I had laid my bag from target on the chair, and Sassy had snagged the yummiest thing ever out of said bag! A plastic coat hanger!
We yanked the half she had between her paws away from her, while she looked up happily at us, wagged, and swallowed the bit that was in her mouth. We could not find the other half.
It’s been a few days, and, well, looks like everything has passed through fabulously.

My friend Candice and I keep lamenting about how we need to get a farm so that we can have goats. I’m beginning to rethink that position. Of course, maybe the goats would eat Sassy! She has to be the animal version of food wrapped in food right? Like pigs in a blanket. It’s coat hanger in a puppy!
Maybe we could not only crate her, but muzzle her as well?