What Sassy Ate Today…

I think I give up. I’m going to have to crate train her.
Boys, you might want to go play Mario or something instead of reading this post. It will bore you to tears…

I have an obsession with Gwen Stefani. Scratch that. Not Gwen Stefani as a personality, or a performer, more with her style. Especially, the lipstick. Keep in mind, that I am a pale, pale blond. So I am always super impressed when another blond can pull off bright red lipstick. I have tried, but only pink and gold seem to love my lips. Occasionally the maroons will work for a night out.
Anyway, I always try new shades of red, hoping that something will work. I found a shade that I thought was pretty decent, not too orange, and wanted to test run it. However, they were out of the matching lip liner. Red lipstick, or any dark lipstick, for me = must wear lip liner. It’s a must. After WEEKS of searching, I found some red lip liner, that worked for the lipstick. Used it once, oddly enough, on my eyes, as eye liner.
So this lip liner, is in my purse. My purse, is by the couch, as I am knitting out of it while Dan and I watched Transformers Tuesday night. I left it there a couple of times, while I went to the kitchen for water.
Wed, I got sick. Left work early, ran home to find… splinters of wood EVERYWHERE! Dan looks, and realizes it is in fact, my much sought after lip liner. Sassy had gotten it out of my purse, and hid it for later destruction. Keep in mind she ate WOOD SPLINTERS!!! Argh! She could have died!

Stupid. Stupid. Dog.

And now I have no lip liner.