What Sassy Ate Today (and why it’s Ernie’s Fault)

1 tablecloth
1 crochet place mat (used on the show, Uncommon Threads)
1 skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, black

We don’t kennel Sassy Burrito, as I’ve mentioned before. We’re simply gone way too much for it to be fair to the dog. Ernie is pretty well behaved, and does not require the kennel.
Note that I said “pretty” well behaved.
What we do instead, is section off a very large part of our living room for the dogs. We barricade them from the floor to ceiling book shelves, as I’m convinced that Sassy would eat the books if given a chance. We also keep her away from dangerous items that stupid Sassy might find appealing. Such as, the fireplace, any plug outlets with wires plugged into them, the paper shredder, and the trunk that we store the PS2 and games in.
We also have what we like to call, “the ghetto baby gate” that blocks the living room from the rest of the house. Instead of a real baby gate, we use a suitcase, and a lid from a large rubber maid container.
Ernie, being very clever, knows how to get in and out of this gate, but he normally has no desire to. If we were to go in the other room, and cook dinner, or do anything that he might find remotely of interest to him, he simply uses his paw, and slides the rubber maid lid over, releasing himself (and of course Sassy) into the house. It’s never been an issue, because he has never, ever done this unless we were at home.
“Has never done” being the operative words here of course.
We came home the other day, and instead of being greeted at the door by 2 happy puppies, Ernie immediately shoved his way past us to go outside, and Sassy kind of wiggled at us, lay flat on the floor and hid her nose under her paws.
I didn’t think anything of it, until I turned the corner, and realized that Ernie had shoved the tupper ware lid aside. Ernie had probably just been bored, or he heard the cats fighting. He likes to break up the cats when they’re fighting. His Corgi side kicks in and he herds one of them into a corner. Unfortunately, when Ernie did this, he unleashed Sassy Burrito, unsupervised, onto the rest of the house. She apparently pulled the tablecloth off the table, ate a corner, moved onto the place mat which apparently tasted much better, than hit my yarn room, pulling drawers out of shelves, yarn out of bags, before settling on chewing my organic cotton. I refuse to discuss the cat box. She got into it, it was gross.
I was pretty convinced that this would finally mean that we got a real baby gate, but no, now we use 2 suitcases.

Thanks Ernie. I thought you were the good one.