What Sassy Ate Today. (or has been eating for lord knows how long)

So, we thought we’ve been puppy proofing our living room pretty well. We’ve got the bookcases blocked off, the fireplace blocked off, the stereo blocked off, as well as all chewable cords. The room is also stocked with more puppy toys, blankets, and fun stuff made “just for her” than you could imagine. Throw in the cat that occasionally wanders into the living room, and if you’re a dog, this is good times right?
Oh but not for Sassy Burrito! Sure, she has chew toys, and blankets, and all kinds of fun stuff, plus the occasional kitty that wanders in.. but what fun is that when you have… A BIG SCREEN TV?
Yes folks. That is what Sassy has been eating for Lord Knows How Long. The bottom corner of our television. A little nibble here and there every day, until it has gotten too big to hide from mom and dad any longer.
I wonder if the vet would do a tooth extraction for me?