What Sassy Ate Today… with a BONUS!

Sassy has felt really bad lately. See, she knows how “What Sassy Ate Today” is a really popular running post on this blog, but lately, she just hasn’t eaten anything odd! It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy eating the random crap that has entertained you all (while frightening the hell out of Dill and I). It’s just, how many sharpies, pens, cd jewel cases, tv remotes, televisions, knitting, new couch, etc, can one puppy eat! Not to mention that we’ve been amazingly good at cornering her off to one section of the living room, and keeping everything out of her grasp!
Yesterday however, Sassy decided that those of you that have always enjoyed her antics (I’m looking at you Lux and Mrs. Lux) needed to be rewarded for your patience. While we were at work, Sassy scaled the armchair in the living room, got into the “forbidden” library portion of the room, opened up a bag, and found such wonders! A checkbook and a pack of GUM! She gnawed on the checkbook for a second, but the shiny, gummy goodness of the other package sang to her! She of course had no idea when we would be home, since our schedule is so crazy. If she had to choose, it had to be the gum.
She grabbed the pack of Eclipse, climbed my skate bag, hopped over the gate, and proceeded to EAT THE ENTIRE PACK! When we came home, we found only scraps of gum, and a dog full of minty fresh licks on the face. *sigh*
We cleaned up her mess, then got a delightful email! FREE HARRY POTTER TICKETS! That’s right, two free passes to an early screening of Harry Potter! Dinner plans were scrapped, stuff was thrown in the fridge, and in our haste to get there and get in line (passes are not a promise, it’s first come first serve)I forgot to put up one of the gates.
Sassy, knowing that she has disappointed everyone for so long, decided to give her blog fans a BONUS! She got behind the gate, up onto the stereo shelf, and found, a brand new sparkly tin full of 1-hour breath mints! BRAND NEW! To her it was like a gift from the gods! Sassy loves nothing more than chewing up something that was just purchased! She loves the smell of wasted money!
So while Dill and I were waiting in line, then watching the movie, Sassy was destroying the tin, then eating every single mint inside of it. I had hoped that it would help her with her 4:00 a.m. wake up Mom with licks on the face puppy breath, but it did not.

She hopes that you enjoyed her hard work. Because she doubts that the metal cage that has appeared in the living room is going to give her much opportunity for such entertaining destruction.