What the dog ate today…

So as you know, my husband, about 6 mos. ago, somehow talked me into a Taco Bell dog. Her name is Sassy Burrito, and she’s an idiot.

I can hear you now.. “awww but she’s sooo cuttteee”!!!
Don’t let the dumb dog fool you. That’s how she ended up in our house. With her stupid, “i’m gonna curl up and go to sleep in your coat pocket mmmkay?” crap that she pulled.

Speaking of crap.. let’s play, what can the dog eat today!

Saturday it was yarn. She had fun pooping that out.
Today I found a complete coke tab in her poop. That’s right. A complete, whole, Coke tab. Am I sure it was digested and ahem, processed? Not just something she pooped on? Believe me. I am sure. She ate it, and pooped it.

And just for fun, she somehow managed to eat half a bag of unpopped popcorn. Despite the fact that Dill and I have not had popcorn in several months. I don’t know how she escaped the baby gate, got into the pantry, and got the bag back into the gated area without us knowing about it. It’s just going to be fun poop tomorrow.

I wonder if it will pop???

EDIT: So we learned how she escapes the baby gate while we are gone. She either climbs it, or, she slithers behind the couch, which deposits her beyond the gate boarders and roams the house. Still does not explain how she opened the pantry door, got her popcorn, shut the door, and got it back into the gated room.
Also, as Dan would like to point out, we don’t drink sodas out of the can. We are a cheap 2-liter family. So where the hell did she get the pop tab???

I’m not knitting right now. I’m crocheting. Our friend Bill had his baby, 2 mos early! So I’m crocheting preemie hats and a baby blanket like a madwoman! Thank goodness for the Ravelry pattern finder!