Where have I been?

The I’m Sometimes it’s so hard to keep up with every social media platform I have. Instagram, facebook, Twitter, tumblr… I tend to focus on one for a while and let the others fall away for a bit.

But this blog means a lot to me. It’s how I first connected with the knitting community, it’s how I got my first TV appearance and it’s how I made some great friends. Which means that in the interest of organizing my life, I’ve actually started blocking off time every other day to blog.
For today, I’m catching you all up on starkey!
After struggling to find a new boarding situation for him, we decided to just move him home. We have a big backyard, we have a mini barn, so why not? We asked our neighbors permission first of course. Don’t want to irritate anyone we share a fence line with! 
Luckily, everyone loves having him around. And I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see him every day, as opposed to 20 minutes a time twice a week! 

Bath day. 
Playing my mandolin in the backyard. I sing the white stripes song “little ghost” to him, but change the words to “little horse little horse you’re the one I love of course…”
He even comes in the house! 
We have such a weird shit life…
Till next time!