While the hubby is away…

The wife will…

Clean out the closet and dye yarn!
Yea, about as fun as it sounds. Dill headed to Evansville Saturday morning to call a double header bout for Evansville. Circle City Socialites vs. Evansvilles B team (their first match!) and NEO Rock n’ rollergirls rematch against the Dynamite Dolls. I believe Evansville beat the Socialites by about 160 points (whoa… that is a good B team)! and the Dynamite Dolls lost to NEO by ONE POINT! So close! Our Belles are heading to Evansville next month. Should be a good game!

With Dill gone, I worked at the shop for a while, than ran a bunch of errands to get ready for some group events we were having at the shop on Sunday. I got home, and with nothing better to do, cleaned out our sadly neglected closet. We’ve been trying for some time to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a closet. I am very motivated for this project, as I have so many clothes… it’s just insane. There is no way to fit them all into one closet. No way at all.
After that was done, I still had some excess energy to burn, so I decided to try out some dye. I was watching the sun set, it was a beautiful, warm day.. had to do some warm colors right?
I ended up with this:

Pretty huh? I did discover that red dye is a bit of a pain in the ass. It was hard to get it to dissolve, and to get the right shades. It involved a little more work on my part. Still, the end result made me very, very happy.

Since it was time change night (BOOOOOO) I lost an hour of sleep. Dill and Brownie decided to drive back that night and lost TWO hours, since Evansville IN, is on a different time zone than the rest of Indiana. He was literally coming home at 6am as I was leaving for work. Poor guy. He napped for a couple of hours, then came in at 10 to help us out at the shop, since Sunday’s are always so crazy.
We were both so exhausted by the time we got off work, (after 5pm, since we had groups renting us out after hours, including my derby girls.. yay!) that we decided to just grab a pizza. We usually don’t get pizza, since I get no cheese, and Dan thinks I’m insane. We both prefer to make our own at home. But, since we were exhausted, we grabbed it, and I splurged on a little cup of cheese sauce. (yea, I know, I make no sense with my eating habits)
So we get home, settle in to catch up on battlestar, I balance my little cheese cup on my plate while the dogs bounce around the couch and *plop*! cheese cup falls off my plate! But wait! Not only did it fall of my plate.. it fell on Hillbilly the cat, who was NOT AMUSED. I wiped him and the carpet up as best I could, but he was still cleaning himself and glaring at me for hours.
I know retribution is coming. Remind me not to set water by my bed for the next couple of weeks!