Widget Progress Report

Widget PLAYED today! With a toy!

This is really HUGE news. Widget doesn’t play. At all. I’ve bought her every toy under the sun which she poofs in fear at and attacks, but doesn’t play with.
I asked for advice from bird people and they all told me the same thing. TEACH her how to play. She didn’t have toys until she went to foster, she didn’t understand what they were and she needed to learn.

So today, I looked over and realized that she was playing with the toy that hung on her perch. She shredded the calcium bits, jingled the jingly parts, and tapped the shiny things with her beak! She spent about 30 minutes on it before she got sleepy and took a nap.

Happy me, happy bird. This begins a new era of spending too much money on parrot toys for her to destroy like a NORMAL bird!