So as of right before the Holidays, I had lost 43lbs since the Arch Rival Roller Girls bout last season. As of today, I’ve lost 45lbs since the Arch Rival bout last season!!!!
It’s been a very slow, gradual loss, and I’m feeling pretty damn awesome about myself! Playing that bout was an inspiration as the Arch Rival Roller Girls are just in ridiculously good shape, and it showed! (and I saw pics of myself and went, *shudder*)After that bout, I got a wii active and started using it every day. Then I cut out sugar, white flour, and alcohol from my diet. I stepped up my derby training, running, or doing an active workout before and after practice. Plus PUSHING myself harder during each practice! I got the Insanity workout, which is… um, insane! I’ve only done one day, and it kicked my ass. I’m going to try and do one of those per week, but honestly it makes my legs SO sore it’s hard to skate!
I’m seeing more track time this season, and I feel like I’ve become a better overall skater. I can wear skinny jeans, and have gone down about 3 pants sizes and 1 shirt size. (large to medium)
Only 10lbs to go! I’m hoping to take off the last 10 by March!